The Whip Waterfront Pub n Grub!

Closed for far too long!

Gone Fishing.

Not Gone for Good!




The Whip is Closed for a Lake Talquin Minute.

Way back in 92′, The Whip known then as The Last Cast Waterfront Pub-n-Grub, began sharing the great view, serving good food, and pouring pints. Twenty-five-plus years later, we “temporarily” closed for debatably, a well-earned, but short hiatus. But, infrastructure upgrades, a Cat-5 hurricane, a worldwide pandemic, a labor shortage, and a fishing pole have all slowed the comeback. Jackson Bluff Dam its been a long temporary. No worries, we still plan a return. The inevitable may entail getting the band back together, the addition of an energetic partner, leasing the space, or just outright selling. One way or another The Whip will re-open and most certainly be a Lake Talquin keeper.

Red Right Return

When we do navigate our way back, let’s try and keep it a secret for a while!

Did you have a


Maybe it was the Ribeye, the Tailfeather, the Talle Ocho, the Carolina Rig, the Brisket Nachos, the Lemon Dill Grouper, the Glazed Tuna, or the icy cold, craft beers. Maybe it was the payphone, the great crew, the beautiful sunsets, meeting new friends, or the water falling off the roof. Just maybe, it was simply all of the above.

“The Whip is an institution!

Without it, you may as well be institutionalized.”