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Apalachicola River Blueway

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Mile Marker Index

Mile 106: Jim Woodruff Dam
Mile 105: Clyde Hopkins Park
Mile 103: Abandoned Jackson County Port
Mile 103: Scholz Power Plant
Mile 100: I-10 Bridge
Mile 100: Aspalaga Landing
Mile 98: Aspalaga Blue Springs Run
Mile 96: Sandbar
Mile 95: Gregory House/Torreya S.P.
Mile 94: Ocheesee Landing
Mile 90: Sweetwater Creek
Mile 89: Red's Landing
Mile 88: Harry Donar Landing
Mile 84: Alum Bluff sandbar
Mile 80: Bristol Landing
Mile 79: Highway 20 Bridge
Mile 78: Sutton Lake and Bayou
Mile 77: Neal Landing (west)
Mile 77: Sandbar (east)
Mile 71: Old River
Mile 63: Estifingula Landing and Park
Mile 58: Mary Slough/Lake Iamonia
Mile 55: Sandbar
Mile 47: Sandbar
Mile 45: Iola Landing
Mile 43: Florida River
Mile 42: Gasking Landing and Park
Mile 41: Chipola Cutoff
Mile 41A: Dead Lakes Lodge
Mile 41B: Channel to campground
Mile 41C: Dead Lakes Campground
Mile 39: Sandbar
Mile 36: Sand Mountain
Mile 35: River Styx
Mile 29: Battle Bend
Mile 26: Chipola River
Mile 24: Brushy Creek
Mile 22: Owl Creek
Mile 22A: Hickory Landing Campground
Mile 19: Fort Gadsden Historic Site
Mile 15: Bloody Bluff Landing
Mile 13: Humphrey Slough
Mile 12: Brothers River
Mile 10: St. Marks River
Mile 6: Jackson River
Mile 4: Acorn Lake Creek
Mile 0: Apalachicola Battery Park

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